Can you extract me from my plastic fantasy?

I didn't think so but I'm still convincable

20 August 1987
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Hey there! This is the dolly journal of x_biku_x. Welcome to my world, and maybe I can bring a bit of amusement along for your ride. Maybe a little crazy in there too. With a touch of seriousness. Sometimes. Rarely. Yeah. :P Have fun!

Uh oh, a plot has begun!

Profiles [ Updated 9/13/09 ]
Episode One: Her story begins ... || Episode Two: Secrets || Episode Three: Fight! || Episode Four: Truth and Conspiracy || Episode 4.5: An Aside || Episode 4.6: Penny for your thoughts? || Episode Five: Do You Love Your Guns? || Episode Six: Concerning Copulation || Episode Seven: Lily of the Valley || Episode Eight: Eileen Shows Her Pimp Hand! || Episode Nine: Metaphorically Hitting the Fan || Episode Ten: Fit to be Tied || Episode Eleven: Masters of Disguise || Episode Twelve: Adieux || Episode Thirteen: Catch me by Surprise || Episode Fourteen: Road that is Worn and Unicorn Horn || Episode Fifteen: Tigress Bares Her Fangs || Episode Sixteen: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello || Episode Seventeen: Who Are You? || Episode Eighteen: Can I Have This Dance? || Episode Nineteen: Facts of Life || Episode Twenty: Most Wonderful Time of the Year || Episode Twenty One: Departure || Episode Twenty Two: Canine Conundrum || Episode Twenty Three: Kiss and Breakup? || Episode Twenty Four: There goes my Hero || Episode Twenty Five: Pirate Smile || Episode Twenty Six: What's in a Name? || Episode Twenty Seven: Incorrigible || Episode Twenty Eight: In Dreams ... || Episode Twenty Nine: Burning Eye || Episode Thirty: Happenings || Episode Thirty One: Blazing Trails || Episode Thirty Two: Getting in Deep || Episode Thirty Three: Lullaby || Episode Thirty Four: Convictions || Episode Thirty Five: Breaking the Levee || Episode Thirty Six: No Going Back || Episode Thirty Seven: Hostage Situation || Episode Thirty Eight: Double Edged Blade || Episode Thirty Nine: Revelation || Valentine's Day: An Interlude || Episode Fourty: Where Are They Now? || Episode Fourty One: Cornered

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Jun Planning:
Taeyang Butler - Luca
Taeyang Horizon - Sasha
Taeyang Sol - Dakota
Taeyang Sol - Amadeus
Taeyang Andrew (custom) - Derek
Pullip Haute NY - Joon
Pullip Rida - Eileen
Pullip Prunella - Sid
Pullip Papin - Chloe
Dal Jolie - Katie Rose

Lazy Seventeen - Charlie

Migidoll Neo (on Dollzone body) - Kate (Birthday: 1/20/09)
MNF Shushu - Coyote (as pronounced kai-yo-tee) "Kai" (Birthday: 12/18/09)
MNF Scarred Shiwoo -Alexander (Birthday: 5/10/10)
Souldoll Liddell - Liddell [I know, creative, hehe] (Birthday: 4/14/10)
LTF Shiwoo - [Alex's little brother] (ordered 8/26, pending arrival)

*By Birthday, I mean arrival day/completion day, heh. Thought I'd start keeping track of this for whatever reason.


Jun Planning:
None Currently

These just so happen to be the ones I like, will not be getting all of them, heh.
Pure Violet
Midnight Crossing
Mama Told Me
I Wanna be a Boy
Sparkling 80's
Honey Wild
Outdoor Boyish

Puki Pong Pong
Narin Classic

In my Dreams:
EID Akando or Tedros
Soom Chrom
Soom MD Hati or Skoll