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Monster High Photo Dump

So it's been forever since I've posted any photos, but I've been rather distracted from the doll hobby. I've still been taking pictures and all, just haven't been posting them. So I figured I might as well throw some up on good ole Eljay to share. :) Caution: This is photo heavy.

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Fight Stance

The resin crew is based off of a group of characters from a young adult novel I'm working on.
Left to Right: Kate the Witch, Alex the Werewolf, Kai the un-named shapeshifter race, Liddell the Psychic.

I actually snapped these shots like ... a month ago. Yeah, I'm lazy. Also, Kate and Kai swapped wigs for a while, so those are not actually their character's hair colors. Heh. Anyway ...

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Do you love your guns?

Chopping block, so to speak

I'm posting some sales info here first, just in case somebody on my f-list wanted to purchase them, I'd want to make sure they would have first dibs. I've decided to let Sasha and Jake go. I'm still waffling over Sid, and yes, even Joon. I figure I'll make a decision on those two soon enough.

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Flowers and Deconstruction

Random dolly shoot. Dad's been working on the house, so I found some neat backgrounds to use. The flower part of the title comes from ... the fact that Mum asked me to take some pictures of her flowers and I uploaded it all at the same time. And Liddy has a rose. Yeah. We'll go with her rose. Anyway, onto the pictures.

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*Extra* Recognize any of the pieces these two are wearing? I totally found a great new use for my Taeyang clothes. Alex is wearing the plaid shirt that Dakota's been wearing, and Liddy had fun with my H Naoto (prolly misspelling, but too lazy to look) Taeyang stock. She was supposed to be more of an elegant goth, but she'd been giving me so much trouble with that look, that I succumbed to giving her more of a regular goth/punk look, and we're actually much happier with it. Stupid bossy dolls with opinions of their own. :P

Insert a title here

Sooo ...
Now that I've found my BJD niche, I'm loosing a lot of enthusiasm that I'd had for Pullips. I still have a lingering fondess for the ones I'm not set on keeping, but I don't really feel inspired to do anything with them.

That's why I want to bring this up to my f-list first. I'm thinking about putting up feelers for a few of my dolls, and I wanted to give my f-list first dibs if there is any interest, as I'd like to see them go to my f-list first, before a stranger, heh.

The dolls I'm going to be putting up feelers for would be Jake(Jade), Sasha(Horizon), and Sid(Prunella). I'm not sure of prices or anything yet, but if anybody has even the slightest interest in purchasing one of them, let me know. You can pm me here, comment, or email me at I'll give it about a week before I put up any official feelers or sales posts in the forums.

Of those who are right now safe? Luca, Katie Rose, Dakota, Amadeus, Eileen, Derek, and Chloe are not in danger of sales. Honestly, I'd rather cut the collection down more, but I can't bring myself to sell these guys. I still love 'em. :)
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Pretty Pumped

Monster High pic spam

So last week I decided to take a bunch of pictures of my Monster High dolls, since I was finally able to get my hands on them all.
By the way, Clawdeen is redressed. Not that I dislike her stock, because I don't, but I get bored when dolls wear the same clothes too long. Actually, as I'm writing this, all the others are now redressed with a mixture of Bratz and their stock. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy. If for some reason you want to use any of these pics for something or other, go ahead. Just give me credit, and I wouldn't mind if you let me know so I can look at the pretties too. ^_^

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Just wild beat, communication

Let's play a little game called "guess who we're cosplaying"! It's not an exact cosplay, the outfits were all thrown together with things I already had, and I didn't really change anything about the dolls themselves. My cousin Taylir put this brown fur wig on Jake, and brushed it almost exactly the way it is now ... and I was inspired. ^_^

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Turning Japanese

Silly title, however with the way I did her hair, Liddell's face suddenly looked very Asian to me. Of course, not full blooded due to those blue eyes, but still. Anyway, I thought she looked really pretty, so I wanted to snap some shots of her before I go in for surgery tomorrow and can't for two weeks. -_-

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Neat book find!

So while I was killing time waiting for my prescription to be ready at Walmart, I wandered down to Barnes and Noble to kill time. While browsing through the new release young adult section, something caught my eye.

I took a second look and was all "Naw ... couldn't be! Could it? Hoo carp it is!". Those are Pullips all right. Custom, from the looks of it. Now, the book has nothing to do with them, about some teenagers and a reality show or something that I didn't think was interesting, but thought it was a really cool find for such a relatively unknown doll!